10 Largest Cat Breeds In The World

All cats have one thing special regarding them that catches the attention. Some have scores of soft, attractive fur. Others have virtually no fur in the slightest degree. Some refuse to be unheeded, and can draw your attention with loud meows, chirps, or can move the chase and place a tail in your face! These cats are outstanding for their size. If you’re wanting up world records for cats, you’re doubtless to envision in every one of these breeds with the prize for size!

1.Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one in largest of, if not the largest cat breeds these days. These soft guys maintain a median weight of 15-25 pounds! That’s lots of cats!


Savannah cats get their size from being crossbred with the wildcat, a wild cat found on Africa. Not only are these cats heavy, but they’re also even as long and tall. the typical weight for a Savannah is twenty-five pounds.


Ragdolls are huge cats with even larger hearts. Bred for his or her outstanding personalities and calm arrangement, these cuddlesome felines have a median weight of 10-20 pounds.


The Chausie is another cat that was created by a mixture of domestic felines with their wild cousins. this is often an awfully rare breed that prices a penny to have, however, their beauty is enough to tempt anyone. Chausie’s have a median weight of 15-20 pounds.


Ragamuffins were supported the preceding Ragdoll to follow within the footsteps of a superb temperament. Ragamuffins additionally maintained the size, weight a median of 11-17 pounds.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

These lovely felines are another giant cat, with males consideration a median of 13-22 pounds! It looks like a lot of it’d be hair, however, these cats are in fact quite muscular. Their long coats are waterproof to assist them to survive the Scandinavian winters from that they originate.

7.Siberian Cat

Hailing from the cold climate of geographic region, it’s no surprise this is often an oversized, densely coated feline. These cats are even a Russian national treasure! They additionally create unimaginable stimulation companions that weigh around 10-20 pounds.

8.British Shorthair

These British cats are one in every of the largest short-haired felines around. they’re fond and create howling companions. British Shorthairs have a median weight of 9-18 pounds.

9.Turkish Van

These lovely cats are a rare breed that originated from central and southwest Asia, and that they didn’t arrive within us till 1982. exemplary weight for Turkish Vans is 9-13 pounds.

10.American Bobtail

American Bobtails are is distinct due to their bobtails! This breed was created strictly by survival, and also the bobtails they sport are a natural phenomenon! they have a median weight of 7-15 pounds.