5 Rarest Horse Breeds

There are over 350 breeds of horses on the earth – that’s plenty of latest prospects to select on from. We are all conversant in the well-known breeds just like the most versatile saddle horse and therefore the majestic Friesian, but did you recognize about these rarest horse breeds?

Bashkir Curly

A curly coat makes the Bashkir Curly horse adorable and one among the rarest breeds of American descent. The origin of the breed remains a mystery. The breed was first found in 1868 in Nevada when Peter Damele was horseback riding within the Peter Hanson range together with his father. the 2 found three horses with a definite curly hair coat. Not knowing where the horses came from, it had been thought that they were of Russian descent, associated with the traditional Bashkir breed. Researches proved that theory wrong by determining that the particular Russian breed with the distinct coat is the Lokai horse. it’s believed that the American Bashkir Curly was named after a cartoon by the Damele family, “As Strange as it appears.

Akhal – Teke

Is Mostly known for his or her exotic metallic-looking coat, the Akhal- Teke is one among the rarest horse breeds originating in Turkmenistan. These horses were utilized in war and for racing due to their outstanding stamina and excellent gaits throughout the dessert. Adored by the folks that owned them, Akhal – Teke horses are known for bonding with their owners but being a more sensitive breed. If treated wrongly, they might become resentful and stubborn.

Mangalarga Marchador

With a reputation which will become a saying if said 5 times fast, the rare Manalarga Marchador may be a rare breed native of Brazil. The Marchador is that the most sought-after horse in Brazil, these horses are used tons to figure cattle. The gait is fast, smooth and triple support verified. they are doing not trot or pace, instead, these horse transitions into a smooth march.

Black Forest Horse

Stocky, gentle and delightful, the Black Forest Horse may be a rare draft from the Black Forest of Germany. Used mostly in farming, numbers of those rare drafts declined once machinery was introduced for farming; within the 1980s there have been only a couple of stallions and 160 registered mares. The breed is over 600 years old and may mostly be found in Chestnut coloring with long flaxen mane and tails.


Ancient and rare, the Sorraia may be a native to the Iberian Peninsula. it’s thought that Sorraia horses are the oldest indigenous horses that roamed wild within the area. These horses are so old that cave pictures are found resembling the breed. they’re a durable and intelligent breed with a grulla color. Today, a few breeders are working to preserve the breed. There are many breeds that we aren’t conversant in and are rare over the planet. Each of those rarest horse breeds comes with their own story and value that folks who adore them try to preserve.