5 Signs Your Cat Is Lonely

Cats aren’t pack animals like dogs, however, indoor cats do need feelings and play with humans or different animals so as to be happy. additionally to heading off loneliness, having friends and playmates will facilitate keep your cat mentally and physically healthier.

Many of the tell-tale signs of loneliness also can be signs of unwellness or activity issues. If you’re unsure, invariably consult your veterinary surgeon.

1.Increased sleep

Cats are nocturnal creatures, thus it’s traditional for them to sleep the daytime hours. However, it will be a signal of loneliness or depression if your cat begins to sleep quite usual or would rather sleep than have interaction in playday with you.

2.Litter box problems

Peeing outside the litter box will either be a health or activity downside. If you’ve dominated out a medical issue like urinary organ stones or a tract infection, you’ll bet that the matter is unmoving in stress. Cats will become stressed for every kind of reason, as well as loneliness.

3.damaging behavior

Cats don’t have a follower to play with might resort to damaging behaviors as a way to figure out some repressed energy. This usually leads to a piece of furniture being chopped. If your cat is demonstrating damaging behavior from loneliness, she’ll most likely be trashing your piece of furniture once she’s been left alone for long stretches of time.


Cats lonely will act move into ways in which aggressive (and doubtless dangerous). Your cat is also lonely if she has suddenly taken to swatting or nipping at you as you’re making ready to depart your home.

5.enhanced vocalization

Is your cat suddenly additional chatty than usual? Excessive vocalization can be a signal of loneliness. Lonely cats tend to be most vocal after you come back home when an extended day away or at midnight once you’re attempting to sleep.