Top 5 Largest Horse Breeds

Horses are massive powerful animals and their size will scare folks even supposing they tend to be calm intelligent and harmless creatures, particularly draught breeds.

We have listed the highest five largest horse breeds within the world.

1).Dutch Draft

The Dutch draft horse is also a heavier breed that originates from the Kingdom of The Netherlands. its illustrious for its chunky body, wide neck and short legs.

The Dutch draft horse has relatively little ears and eyes for its size. they’re not widely used currently and is a form of uncommon. folks tend to be smitten by its size and magnificently look.


The Percheron horse is the fourth largest horse breed and generates from France. it’s the foremost standard amongst the heavier breeds because it possesses an additional ‘elegant look’ and is employed to combine breeds on an everyday basis.

A Percheron mare from Australia holds a record of propulsion 1500kg over four meters. Another known Percheron horse is Dr. Le Gear, he reached a height of two.13m and was the most important horse on earth once he was alive.

3).Belgian Draft

The breed originates from the European nation as its name suggests. the fashionable Belgian draft horse is larger than the breed accustomed be 100 years past. it’s principally used as a carriage horse.

Their back is incredibly wide and short. they are noted to be calm natured and intelligent, therefore they’re additional standard amongst the big horse breeds.


The Clydesdale horse horses have a singular coloring that helps you acknowledge them right now with their Pieris brassicae socks and intensive feather.

5).Shire Horse

The draft horse originates from the great UK of nice Britain and Northern Ireland and has controlled the world record for every the tallest and largest horse breed. Stallions are also black, grey or bay and mares are also black, gray, bay or roan.

The average weight is between 850 kg to 1100kg. the most important horse recorded in history is that the shire ‘Mammoth’, he was 219 cm tall (21.2hh).