Top 7 Cat Breeds That Are Very Independent

All cats are thought of as independent in comparison to dogs. whereas each cat has his temperament, some breeds tend to be additional freelance than others. If you’re searching for a cat that may solely solicit attention at mealtimes, or won’t mind you being at work all day, cross-check these 7 independent feline breeds.

1.Japanese Bobtail

An extremely active cat, the Japanese Bobtail has an excessive amount of to try to and see to site on your lap for any price however short of your time. They love youngsters and ar fine alone provided you’ve got ample things for them to try to and explore. Certified house suites them to a “T”.

2.Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest likes attention, however on his terms. He can decide once to urge on and off your lap – not you. Otherwise, he’s more relaxing on a perch of his selecting.

3. American Wirehair

Very tolerant with youngsters, the terrier could be a fun breed to own around. whereas they will be a lap cat, most prefer better to sit close to you, rather than on you. they’re intelligent with ample searching instincts, therefore a motivating environment can entertain him.


The cat was bred to seem like wildcats with spectacular spotting and coloration. though dog-like in playfulness, the Ocicat is additionally light – they aren’t about to take hold you or expect 24/7 attention.

5. Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian is a remarkable breed. TICA (The International Cat Association) notes that they’re “independent and extremely smart,” however will sit on your lap or in your bed. because of their cleverness, they learn rules quickly however, TICA warns, “it is up to the individual cat to hold out their can in line with their mood.”

6. Savannah

While not a lap cat, the Savannah will like attention, as long as she will set the terms. they’ll follow you from area to area, however, will entertain themselves.


There is one thing regarding the Siamese that “speaks” to several cat fanciers. Their svelte lines, lovely signaling and, of course, the cat talk! famous for talking quite snuggling, this breed will entertain itself for hours as long as you provide it one thing to do – and let him tell you regarding it afterward.